Health Assessments (DAART)

Who are we?

Diagnostics, Assessment and Access to Rehabilitation and Treatment (DAART) offers patients an assessment and diagnostic service including assessment by a GP with special interest in older people. The assesssment will be completed by a multidisciplinary team - this is a team made up of different healthcare professionals.

DAART will provide access to multidisciplinary assessment, diagnostic tests and clinical treatments with the aim of keeping a poorly patient out of hospital where appropriate, allowing care to be given closer to their home or in a community setting.

Our services

The Shropshire-wide DAART teams offer the following services:

  • Blood transfusions
  • SourceNormalIntravenous (IV) drug administration
  • Management of deep vein thrombosis
  • Multidisciplinary and medical assessment

The people we see

The service is provided to adults (over 18s) living in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin or other areas served by Shropshire Community Health Trust, including some areas of mid-Wales.

New patients

New patients are referred into the DAART service by other health or social care professionals, such as GPs or community nurses.

Existing patients

Once you have been referred into the DAART service, you will be provided with a care plan, which may include referral onto other services provided by the NHS.

Services we do not offer

The service does not provide long term, routine or planned care.

What you should bring with you

Please bring any medications that you are taking to your DAART assessment as this will help the assessment team in developing your care plan.

Frequently asked questions

Will you deliver services to a patient over the long term?

As the DAART service is a service aimed at keeping poorly people out of hospital, by providing them with care and support quickly, the service does not provide long term, routine or planned care.


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