Falls Therapy Service

Who are we?

The Falls Therapy Service is a specialist service aiming to reduce the number of falls and fall-related injuries. It is made up of physiotherapists, an occupational therapist, a nurse and rehabilitation technicians.

If medical factors are increasing risk of falls, a full medical assessment will be needed first. This may be at the Diagnostics, Assessment and Access to Rehabilitation and Treatment (DAART) team, or in a consultant clinic.

Patients may also be seen by the integrated care teams, which include:

  • district nurses
  • community physiotherapists
  • occupational therapists
  • rehabilitation technicians

These teams are also trained to do a one-to-one home exercise programme to help improve your strength and balance.

Our services

We assess people who have fallen, are at risk of falling, or are fearful of falling. Assessments are usually carried out in a clinic setting.

What we can offer

We offer a range of ways to lower an individual’s risk of falls and to help people stay healthy, active and independent:

  • We deliver strength and balance programmes in a variety of venues across Shropshire.
  • We signpost people to other teams and services within the community, if a need is identified

Raising awareness

We raise awareness and provide training and advice about falls and bone health to patients, health and social care professionals. This includes how to prevent and manage falls and how to cope with daily life after a fall.

The people we see

Adults living in Shropshire, registered with a Shropshire GP, identified as having fallen, at risk, or fearful of falling.

For Telford and Wrekin patients, this service is provided by the Paul Brown Day Unit.

Referrals are accepted from health care professionals. All referrals should be directed to the Falls Therapy Service by email: Shropcom.fallstherapy@nhs.net

The service is generally for over 65s but younger adults identified at risk will be considered according to their individual need.

Services we do not offer

  • We are not an acute service
  • We do not offer assessment or interventions to residents of care homes - please contact your GP about community physiotherapy services.
  • If your are not registered with a Shropshire GP, please speak to your GP about services local to you.


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