Children's Psychology

This section aims to provide General Practitioners (GPs) and members of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) with some more detailed information about our services. The information below is updated regularly, but, if you need to find out more detailed information about a specific service or have a very specific question about the service or referral pathway, then please contact the service manager or the key clinician detailed opposite.

Referral Process

How does a GP refer in to the service?

For patients with diabetes, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy or cancer/haematology diagnoses, it is likely that the paediatric psychologist will already be involved via the medical team input, or will be aware of their needs.

However, if GP’s have concerns about these patients it is helpful to share information with the treating team or psychologist in order to help inform care planning.

For patients who have a Community Children’s Nurse we advise that GP’s contact the paediatric psychologist to share their concerns. The psychologist would then discuss this with the relevant CCN and agree what further action may be appropriate.

For patients with chronic constipation please note this service is accessed via the Community Children’s Nursing team, and is currently commissioned for Telford patients only. The Paediatric Psychology Service does not accept direct referrals for this service. Contact details for the CCN team can be found by followig the link on the right hand side of this page.

For patients requiring help for coping with a planned invasive procedure, GP’s are advised to discuss the referral by telephone with the psychology team in the first instance. Written referrals can be sent although the team will contact the GP to discuss the case before actioning. Information will be required regarding the specific procedure and treating hospital/team in order to facilitate the necessary liaison. Please note the team does not accept referrals for help preparing for routine vaccinations. These concerns should be shared with the school nurse who has received the necessary training and support to address this issue.

The team is happy to respond to telephone requests to discuss a patient’s needs and give consultative advice as necessary.

You can also view the page that provides information for patients or carers by clicking the link below.

Children's Psychology

Types of patients regularly seen

The Children's Paediatric Psychology Service (PPS) delivers specialist psychological interventions to children with serious, life threatening or significant physical health problems and their families.

The service is a targeted provision. The service does not accept referrals for areas other than the targeted ones which are:

  • Diabetes
  • Oncology and haematology
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Muscular Dystrophy or other neuromuscular conditions
  • Children with an allocated Community Children’s Nurse (CCN)
  • Children seen by the nurse-led chronic constipation service (Telford only)
  • Children requiring preparation for a planned invasive procedure (by prior negotiation)

Patients are seen following discussion in the appropriate clinical team (MDT) looking after them. Patients can also be referred by their Community Children’s Nurse. The service accepts some self-referrals for families being seen by the above MDTs.

The service works with children and young people resident in Telford and Wrekin and/or Shropshire aged 0-18 and their families.

The service is not a mental health provision and children with primarily mental health needs should be referred to the "Bee-U" Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service (formerly CAMHS) within the Midlands Partnership Trust.

Patients not seen by this service

Any children who are outside the referral criteria set out above.