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What we would especially like to know...

We are constantly seeking to improve our information and make it easier to access our services. Please help us by taking a few moments to tell us your views about this website.

We would especially like to know...

  • if you found the information you were looking for
  • if not, please tell us what it was that you were looking for but could not find
  • was there any particular content that you found useful
  • was the language and word used on the site understandable
  • how could we improve the site so that it would be more useful to you
  • if you had any issues how the page was laid out it would be very helpful if you could also let us know what device you were accessing the site with

For more general feedback about services provided by Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust that do not relate to the website, please see the Contact us page for the most appropriate point of reference.

What you can use this form for

NB: This form is for feedback relating specifically to our website and its content - it is not intended as a means of contacting individuals or services.

Please see each of the individual service pages for the most appropriate manager or clinician for that service.

Website Feedback Form

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We appreciate your feedback - please let us know your thoughts


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Thank you for providing feedback on your experience of our site - please let us know your thoughts

Next review due: 1 September 2020