Records Management

Records Management covers all aspects of how we deal with information, both clinical and corporate, on a day to day basis within Shropshire Community Health Trust.

Any NHS record, including health records, created by an individual, up to its disposal, is a public record and subject to information requests under the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts. It is imperative therefore, that records are closely monitored and managed throughout their life cycle. This consists of the following processes:

Process Why we do this
Create The need to create and record accurate and complete information, including the use of the NHS Number in clinical records and correspondence
Use Handle information in accordance with the national legislation, standards, guidelines and policies e.g. Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act, Caldicott Principles, Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Records Management NHS Code of Practice
Retention After closure, keep and maintain records in line with NHS recommended and locally agreed retention periods
Appraisal Determine whether records are worthy of permanent, archival preservation
Disposal Dispose of securely in line with national guidelines (NHS Records Management Code of Practice)

The Introduction to Records Management gives a brief overview of Records Management guidance and best practices that are recommended within the Trust. It also gives signposting and contact details where to find further information and guidance.