Speech and Language Therapy

This section aims to provide General Practitioners (GPs) and members of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) with some more detailed information about our services. The information below is updated regularly, but, if you need to find out more detailed information about a specific service or have a very specific question about the service or referral pathway, then please contact the service manager or the key clinician detailed opposite.

Referral Process

How does a GP refer in to this service?

GPs can refer to Children’s SLT by writing a letter outlining the child’s difficulties and the parents concerns to the service, or by calling the main office (contact details are on the right hand side of this web page).

If, as GP, you are unfamiliar with milestones for the development of communication, or with typical/atypical patterns of development, Early Years or School staff may be able to help with the referral.

A 0-5 years referral form is available on the website (see the right hand side of this web page) and has been agreed with both Local Authorities.

The over 5s referral form is under review with both Local Authorities and will be available shortly.

You can also view the page that provides information for patients or carers by clicking the link below.

Speech and Language Therapy

Types of patients regularly seen

The service is open to referrals from anyone who works with children and young people up to 16 years old (or 19 if in full time education) and from parents/carers directly.

We accept referrals for children with moderate to severe speech, language or communication needs, or with mild difficulties where parental anxiety is high.

We also work with children with feeding difficulties where these are organic in origin, and with a small number, of usually young children, with sensory or behavioural feeding difficulties. These children also need to be referred to Community Paediatrics.

Early Years Referrals

If a parent asks you to make a referral on behalf of an early years setting, please share the referral form on our website with parents and encourage the setting to make the referral directly. Staff in early years settings will know more about the child’s development and are required to track their progress. This referral form is agreed with both Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin local authorities.

Patients not seen by this service

Older children with behavioural feeding difficulties unless they have been known to us since early childhood.

We do not accept referrals of school-aged children with possible communication difficulties linked with literacy or learning after 1st May in each academic year. For primary schools we do not accept referral for children in year 6, and in secondary schools young people after year 8, unless a new condition has emerged or a significant event has occurred for the child. These exceptions do not relate to children with voice disorders or stammers.

Young people of 14 or over with voice disorders should be referred to the Speech and Language Therapy voice team at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust.

Frequently asked questions

Can parents refer their own child to the service?

Yes, ask parents to call our main office. Parents will be asked a series of questions by our administrators. We accept all referrals from parents who are highly anxious.

Where can I direct parents for more advice?

We run drop in sessions across Telford and Shropshire in partnership with Sure Start Children’s Centres. Children’s Centres and our main office have details of the dates, times and any other details.

The Talking Point website is an excellent resource both for professionals wishing to seek information for example about normal development of speech and language and for parents.