ESR e-Learning Guidance

Introduction to e-Learning?

As technology develops and computer systems become faster and more integrated, it has become possible to develop new ways of delivering training.

What is e-Learning?

e-Learning makes use of modern technology to facilitate learning via computer systems. Learners can access learning at times and at a pace that best suits them.

What are the advantages of e-Learning?

Learners can 'dip in and out' of a course to make use of available time

The pace of learning is dictated by each individual learner

Courses can easily be revisited if required

A learner's progress can be 'remembered' by an electronic system

Completion of courses are automatically recorded into a learner's personal records

What methods are available to access e-Learning?

At work;

1. If you have a SmartCard, use the 'Login to ESR SmartCard' button on the Login screen.

2. If you do not have a SmartCard, contact the Organisational Development Department at Mercian House on 01743 276677 for a username and password. Use the 'Login to ESR' button.

At home:

3. Access to e-Learning can be made at home, however, this can only be done after you have previously logged in to the e-Learning system at work (using option 1. or 2. above) and selected 'Request Internet Access'. This opration will prompt you to create a username and password. At the e-Learning login screen, select 'Login using Remote Access'. Enter the username and password you created when prompted.


Whether you use use option 1. or option 2. above to access your e-Learning at work, you will still need to complete option 3. if you wish to access your e-Learning at home.

The username and password created in option 3. must be different to those used in option 2.

How do I access e-Learning on my computer at work?

All PCs within Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust should have a shortcut on the desktop entitled "NHS E-Learning" which will take you to the login page.

If your computer does not have this shortcut, please contact the IT Service Desk on 0800 1814050.

If you do not have a SmartCard and wish to access e-Learning at work, please request a Username and Password from the Organisational Development department. Use the large button with the caption "Login to ESR" to be prompted to use the Username and Password you have been given.

If you do have a SmartCard and wish to access e-Learning at work, use the large button with the caption "Login to ESR SmartCard"

You will only require your SmartCard and the password you normally use with it.

Can I access e-Learning on my computer at home?

Yes. It is possible to access your Trust e-Learning on your computer at home, however, there are a few simple steps you will need to take.

You will not be able to use your SmartCard at home so it will be necessary to "Request Internet Access". This request cannot be made from home but must be made at work whilst logged in to the ESR system. This can be when you are logged in by SmartCard (if you have one) or with a Username and Password requested from the Organisational Development department.

Further details and instructions of how to do this are included the document "Getting Started with e-Learning in ESR" (Link below)

How do I know if my computer (home or work) can be used for e-Learning?

e-Learning requires a computer to have installed various pieces of software such as "Flash" and "Shockwave" in order to run properly. All Trust computers should be up to the required standard, however, your home PC may not be. You can use the "PC Check" option available on the web page where you login to start your e-Learning to check the state of your PC and install any required additional software.

Where is my e-Learning Recorded?

Within the Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust, your e-Learning is automatically recorded in the Oracle Learning Management (OLM) system - part of the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) system.

You may also see OLM referred to as the National Learning Management System or NLMS.

How do I check that my e-Learning will Update upon Completion?

  • End User Issues: You must click House icon (Home) on top right of screen when playing the e-Learning to save progress. Never click the Red X!
  • Technical Issues: To ensure this happens you must use PC Check and enrol on course 000 Using e-learning in ESR/OLM

In order to run the e-Learning available in OLM, it is important that the computer (PC) that you are using meets set requirements. You can use the 'Check My PC' link below to check the state of your PC before accessing e-Learning.

In addition, you will want to see whether the e-learning you are undertaking is updating your ESR record. It is now possible to do this, enrol and play e-learning course ‘000 Using e-learning in ESR/OLM’ as shown on the QRG below.

If ANYTHING is showing red or amber on either PC Check or when playing the course 000 Using e-learning in ESR/OLM you MUST contact the IT service desk (0800 181 4050) to resolve the issues as your e-learning will never work on that PC until the technical problem is resolved.

Local Resources

The following QRG has been created to help you follow the required process to start and successfully complete e-Learning in ESR/OLM.

A network of ESR Champions are being developed throughout the Trust, but we need more! We have an exciting opportunity for staff to become ESR Champions for e-Learning and Employee Self Service in the Trust. Can you think of anyone in your Team or on your site, yourself or a colleague who would like to develop their IT skills to support others (on an ad hoc basis to suit them)? Don’t be the only team/location without support … email the contact details of your new ESR Champion to!

Links to starting your e-Learning

Use the following link to access e-Learning whether you are at work or at home;

National Resources

The following are resources which you may find useful, they have been produced by the national ESR Support team.

e-Learning Demonstration

The following resource has been produced by the national ESR Support team. It is, in its own right, a piece of e-Learning;

ESR e-Learning Remote via Request Internet Access

If you want to access ESR e-Learning from outside the NHS network (e.g. home or library), you must log in within the NHS network as usual and set up a username and password through Request Internet Access. If you are unsure how to set this up, please see the step by step details below:

Contact us


  • Organisational Development Training Centre
    Mercian House
    9 Darwin Court
    Oxon Business Park
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Contact points

ESR usernames/passwords

Important Note!

You must use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) as your internet browser! ESR will not update your ESR record correctly if Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are used.

If you are using IE8 or above, you must enable "Compatibility View for all websites" whilst accessing your e-Learning.

This page, "ESR e-Learning Guidance", was printed from Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust's staff zone on Thursday 8 December 2016, and is for NHS staff internal use only.