Update on planned works in Bridgnorth and Bishop’s Castle

Jul 17, 2017

As work to replace the inpatient ward floor at Bridgnorth Hospital is expected to be completed this week, we are now getting ready for the planned improvement work to start in Bishop’s Castle.

We have been working to improve the inpatient ward floor at Bridgnorth Hospital and we expect the ward to be fully reopened from Monday, 24 July. We had to reduce the number of beds temporarily at Bridgnorth so that the work could be carried out without closing the ward completely.

The plans for Bishop’s Castle are slightly different, however, because of the nature of the work required on the smaller 16-bed ward. To complete this particular work the number of beds will need to be reduced in the week leading up to the start date (which we currently believe to be 31 July) after which the ward will remain closed while the improvement work is carried out, and this is expected to take between two and three months. During this time our hospital staff will work alongside Community Nursing and Therapy Teams to provide an expanded Community Health Team supported by local GPs. If patients from Bishops Castle still require a community hospital bed they will still be able to access one in another part of Shropshire.

We need to do this at a time that has the least disruption to the least amount of patients and we have planned this in conjunction with our healthcare partners, patient representatives, League of Friends and our staff.

We are not expecting this temporary measure to have any significant impact on our services and we will provide updates as this work is carried out.