Helping People to Manage Their Diabetes

Jun 23, 2017

People with diabetes living in Shropshire are being invited to find out more about courses that will help them to manage their diabetes better and improve their health and quality of life.

Specialist Nurses and Educators from Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust are delivering the X-PERT Diabetes programme and First Steps course. The First Steps course is a one-off, two-and-a-half hour session where anyone with a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes can gain an overview of diabetes and learn what they could gain from attending the full six-week X-PERT course. These will be at different venues throughout Shropshire and Telford, please contact number below for venue details and times. Anyone interested should book as soon as possible as places are limited. Attendees can also bring a carer or family member with them as well. The course is free and open to anyone with diabetes living in Shropshire.

The full X-PERT course is aimed to help and inform people with diabetes about how manage it. The six-week course consists of six, two-and-a-half hour sessions each week that focus on a range of topics, such as what happens in the body in diabetes, how to manage diabetes using diet and medication and how to reduce the potential long term problems that can happen with diabetes. The course runs from various locations across the county.

Fiona Smith, Diabetes Specialist Nursing Team Leader at Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust, said: “We will be able to provide people with a wide variety of information about how to self-manage their diabetes and their lifestyle. The course will help them to look at the different types of diabetes and medication, diet, physical activity, diabetes myths and focus on ways in which they can take a control of their condition.”

For more information or to book a place on the course or taster session call 01743 277693 (Shropshire), 01952 581109 (Telford) or email

You can also find out more details on the Xpert page of our website.